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About Myron "Mike" Schiffer

Established as a pianist and teacher in the Berkshires since the late 60s, Myron "Mike" Schiffer has a history of exploring the avant garde. Prior to living in the area, Schiffer lived and worked in New York City, studying with John Mehegan and Hall Overton as well as playing, teaching and hanging around the fringes of jazz.

Fascinated with music and the visual arts since childhood, Schiffer enrolled in photography at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Working in black and white at the time, he was most notably inspired by Richard Avedon's fashion photography. Once introduced to color, he was deeply moved by the mystical color fields of Georgia O'Keefe and Mark Rothko and considers this work his strongest influence.

After focusing purely on his musical career for most of his life, he's now fulfilling his dream of investigating photography as an additional means of expression. Similar to his approach to jazz, Myron Schiffer's Motion Capture photography is an exploration of improvisation and captured essence. His photographs are gleaned from everyday scenes and transformed into a minimalist expression of color, light and space. The method he employs for this series is improvisational movement of the camera while capturing various light sources, resulting in bold abstract images. Schiffer's graffiti and urban scenes follow along similar lines, capturing unexpected images of everyday scenes.

For the past several years he's been busy exhibiting his work. See his Exhibits Page for a list.

His website showcases ever-expanding galleries of many subjects, including Urban Scenes, Found Textures, Graffiti, and the World of Nature. For current inventory of prints or custom sized orders of any of his images, contact contact the studio at 413-637-2659.

Videos and Music

His most recent video slideshows, "Interior Views" and "Motion Capture Slideshow", are accessible on YouTube.

His music can be heard at